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Coarse Stories

19 October - 1 December 2018

 'Coarse Stories is an engagement with artists that create work challenging our response to urban existence, both in terms of physical space and philosophical bent.  This exhibition explores a new allegory around the Australian urban-scape, reaching beyond townscapes and street corners and the conventions that have traditionally gone with them.  These artists posit deeper questions of what is acceptablle, normal, beautiful, public or private.

Notions of feeling trapped or limited by our surroundings or circumstances are somewhat defied by this select group of contemporary artists.  They transcend the ordinary in exchange for the extraordinary - visions of provocation, humour and allure are the resolve.  Possibility is boundless and we are invited to invest in their results.  This exhibition was conceptualised by Andre de Borde, former Curator and Exhibitions Officer at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

Ian Abdullah, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Nick Collerson, Joe Frost, Prue Hazelgrove, Phil James, Kate Mitchell, Ray Monde, Esther Stewart, Darren Sylvester.

Image:  Esther Stewart, The conditions have been made right for something to happen, 1977 - 2017, installation.  Image courtesy of the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery.  Photography by Christian Capurro


Permanent Collection - fit to size

19 October - 1 December 2018

 This exhibition presents contemporary works that have recently entered our permanent collection through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, with a play on power and scale.  'fit to size' features selected works from some of Australia's most accomplished artists, Graham Franselle, David Griggs and Sam Leach to name just a few.  We thank our donors for their generosity and support in building our permanent collection.

Clara Adolphs - Remembering Words

7 December 2018 - 2 February 2019

As a figurative painter, Adolphs uses photographs randomly collected from books, flea markets and vintage newspaper articles.  She references her sources directly yet through her process of repainting found images, develops a loose and fresh narrative on her subjects.  This reference material, and her removal from it, allows her to tap into an artistic freedom fuelled by chance.  There is a sense of the historical as she captures seemingly familiar, fleeting moments and feelings; however photography's ambiguous presentation of reality allows the viewer to determine their own story. 

This exhibition is Adolph's first exhibition at the Gallery and will present her most recent body of work.  Adolphs' is based in Bundanoon and in 2017 she was the recipient of the Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship through the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Image:  Clara Adolphs, Woman, Seated, (detail) 2017, 65 x 45cm, oil on linen. Image courtesy of the artist.

Nicole Foreshew - Minyambul yiri yimbang (because it is a sacred thing)

7 December 2018 - 2 February 2019

A contemporary artist, and member of the Wiradjuri nation, Central West NSW, Foreshew works across a range of mediums, from photomedia, design, sculpture, film and video.  Her practice encompasses multi-layered themes that are informed through a deep connection to Country, its environment and geological sites of significance.  All hallmarks of her work.

Continuing a profound connection to her Country and exploration of the meaning of land, space and identity are integral.  Accessing her personal connection to memory and sophisticated cultural practices, Foreshew investigated personal relationships to kin and the material knowledge required to revive the body, using contemporary art forms underpinned by social, ceremonial and sacred knowledge.

Foreshew engages with the complete usage of land and has extended her exploration internationally, recently visiting North Africa, looking at the role that excavated material has traditionally played in culture, referencing the institutional 'artefact' and forming comparisons to ceremonial or everyday uses of earth materials.






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