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Past Exhibitions

two six two two

7 September - 7 October 2010

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Goulburn Region HSC Body Of Work

4 November - 4 December 2010

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Gabrielle Jones - Paint As Landscape

24 November 2010 - 4 December 2011

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Japanese Story

8 - 22 December 2010

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Goulburn Art Award Winners

8 - 22 December 2010

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Henri Mallard: Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge

10 February - 26 March 2011

An Australian Centre for Photography touring exhibition

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Goulburn Art Award

29 March - 9 April 2011

David Fairbairn : Lineage - Selected portraits 1998-2010

13 April - 7 May 2011

Lineage: selected portraits 1998-2010
David Fairbairn

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Caroline Traill

13 April - 5 May 2011



12 May - 20 June 2011

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A Convergence of Birds - Ben Quilty

24 June - 23 July 2011

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24 June - 23 July 2011

Fantasy is a group exhibition including Alexia Sinclair, Jane Nicholas, Russell Johnson, Judith Bradhurst and Fiona Hammond

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27 July - 27 August 2011

Diane Allison, Raymond Arnold
Serena Giovanna Stevenson, Shigeyuki Kihara, Sanja Pahoki, Brian Robinson, Amanda Shone, Tim Silver, Samuel Tupou, Tony Whincup
Curator: Dr Colin Langridge

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Blending Boundaries

1 September - 1 October 2011

A group exhibition of five artists: Robyn Kinsela, Daniel Boyd, Tracy Luff, Danie Mellor and Nicola Dickson. Three of these artists paint in a realistic style, one in an abstract style and one creates sculpture; an interesting mix connected through the notions of ‘the exotic’; colonisation & approporiation.

Opening Saturday 3 September @ 2pm

Floor Talk Thursday 8 September @ 12.30pm with Dr Danie Mellor, lecturer in Theories of Art Practice, Sydney College of the Arts

Floor Talk and practical demonstration with Robyn Kinsela Thursday 11am-1pm free

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Kaye Mahoney: Moving Imagery

6 - 29 October 2011



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Visions of Pleasure 5

3 - 9 December 2011

Exhibition of works created in weekly workshops at the Gallery by Essential Personnel participants guided by artists Angela Donges & Elaine Cornwell

International Day of Disability Opening Saturday 3 December at 2pm 





That's Not How You Make Porridge

7 December 2011 - 14 January 2012

Artists include Ross Bannister•Hannah Bertram• Nicolette Benjamin-Black• Anna Eggert• Minka Gillian• Beth Hatton• Ken & Julia Yonetani

Exhibition of the ‘everyday’ made from unexpected materials.

Opening Saturday 10 December at 2pm

Art Award Winners 2010

7 December 2011 - 14 December 2012

Winner 2D section 2010 Art Award

Winner 3D section 2010 Art Award

Winner Photography section 2010 Art Award

Opening Saturday 10 December @ 2pm

Drawn to the Line - Peter Fay Collection

18 January - 10 March 2012

Peter Fay has made a wide ranging selection from his collection that will highlight a diversity of mark making , with a close look at artists living here and overseas. The show will feature works on paper, ceramic, soft sculpture, photography and many more in a show that will push the way we think of drawing.
Opening Saturday 21 January at 2pm by the Hon Pru Goward, Minister for Family and Community Services, and Minister for Women, Member for Goulburn

Peter Fay floor Talk Thursday 1 March 2012 12.30pm

Brothers of Invention

18 January - 4 March 2012

Do you know anyone who can make an entire car from scratch- not to mention a Bugatti? Have you marvelled at that fantastic pin-striping on the sides of vintage cars?  Who would make a lamp shade using porcupine quills? What about a love seat in the shape of a male and female or a giant plywood helicopter? Come and see these amazingly creative works by regional inventors including Michael Yabsley, Peter Toohey, Jasper Knight, Tony Marks & Eberhardt Franke

Opening Saturday 21 January at 2pm by the Hon Pru Goward, Minister for Family and Community Services, and Minister for Women, Member for Goulburn

Jasper Knight is represented by Australian Galleries & Ecosse Gallery

En Pleinair Winds of Change Weereewa Exhibition

15 - 31 March 2012

Exhibition of works curated for the Weereewa Festival by artists including: Jenny Bell, Lucy Culliton, McLean Edwards, Robin Howard, Beatrix Janek-Oefelein, Kerry McInnis, Mandy Martin, Leo Robba, Catherine Rodgers, Theo Tremblay

Opening & Talk Friday 16 March at 6pm Philippa Kelly, Founding Director, Weereewa Festival


Jenny Bell  & Mandy Martin are  represented by Australian Galleries
Leo Robba is represented by King Street Gallery on William
McLean Edwards is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary
Kerry McInnis is represented by Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney and Solander Gallery, Canberra

Visit the Weereewa Festival Website http://www.weereewafestival.org/ 


15 - 31 March 2012

Tanya Baker • Belinda Bateman• Barbara David • Helen Price •Travis Williams

New works from this group of printmakers who are completing an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts at TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute, Goulburn Campus.

These artists explore alternative printmaking techniques across a range of themes.

Opening Friday 16 March at 6pm

GRAG collection - works by past Archibald Prize winners & finalists

15 - 31 March 2012

If you can’t make it to the Art Gallery of NSW Archibald Prize 2012  don’t despair!  If you would like to see works by artists who have made it into or won the Archibald Prize in the past, come and check out Goulburn Regional Art Gallery where you can get up close and personal with portrait, still life; interior and landscape works by: 

John Brack; Judy Cassab (won in 1960: Stanislaus Rapotec &  1967: Margo Lewers); Keith Looby (won in 1984:  Max Gillies);
Guy Warren (won in 1985: Flugelman with Wingman); Adam Cullen (won in 2000: Portrait of David Wenham); Jasper Knight ; Jason Benjamin; Cherry Hood (won in 2002: Simon Tedeschi Unplugged); John Olsen (won in 2005: Self portrait Janus) ; Ben Quilty (won in 2011:Margaret Olley); &  Pam Tippet.

Sensorial Loop 1st Tamworth Textile Triennial

10 April - 19 May 2012

Sensorial Loop will showcase the changing ideas and professional craftsmanship associated with contemporary textile practice in Australia. The use of traditional and machine technologies, the collaboration and inter-disciplinary profiles of practitioners, the trend of slow making and sustainable practice is challenging the perception of the discipline of textiles. There is blurring within the definition of creative practice and Sensorial Loop aims to capture that shift in this exhibition.

Opening Friday 13 April @ 6pm by Sandra McMahon, Director, Tamworth Regional Gallery with Floor Talk by Patrick Snelling, Curator, Program Director, School of Fashion & Textiles, RMIT University, Brunswick 

Floor Talk: Thursday 19 April 12.30pm with Michele Elliot. Download a flyer here




Light Sensitive Material:Works from the Verghis Collection

25 May - 30 June 2012

A vibrant selection of photographic, light and digital media works from the collection of Rachel Verghis, one of Australia's youngest art collectors. The exhibition brings together 14 emerging and mid-career contemporary Australian artists whose use of light is integral to their work. Curated by Richard Perram, Director, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, the exhibition presents a fascinating snapshot of contemporary art from the past decade.

Artists in this exhibition include: Shoufay Derz, Hayden Fowler, Shaun Gladwell, Newell
Harry, Petrina Hicks, Jonathan Jones, David Knight, Rosemary Laing, Vanila Netto, Michael
Riley, Julie Rrap and Hossein Valamanesh.

Opening Friday 25 May @ 10am  in conjunction with Sorry Day Ceremony 

Education kit here

 For an article about the exhibition please visit 











Northern Impressions

25 May - 30 June 2012

Northern Impressions showcases limited edition prints by artists from across the Top End, Central Australia, Mornington and Bentinck Islands and Kimberley regions and reveals the beauty and diversity of artistic expression in these regions, each with their own distinct visual language.  These prints have been produced by Northern Editions in Darwin.

Opening Friday 25 May@ 10am in conjunction with Sorry Day Ceremony








4 - 21 July 2012

Originally from El Salvador, Carlos Barrios now lives and works in the Southern Highlands. His paintings are frequently about his personal life; family, love, conflict, spirituality and death. Colour is an important element of Carlos’ canvases which are filled with human and animal figures representing his real, dream and spiritual worlds. In this exhibition, many of Carlos’ paintings have been influenced by the music of British/Australian composer and ABC broadcaster, Andrew Ford.
During the exhibition, Carlos will create a completely new and original art work in the gallery as he paints to the sound of a live musician.
Opening Friday 6 July at 6pm
Demonstration:  New work painted by Carlos Barrios to music played by musician Terry Kaczerapa Thursday 12 July @ 12.30pm


4 July - 21 June 2012

Ham Darroch is a regional artist dividing his time between Canberra and Young and whose work ranges across various mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture and performance.
Through his travels and work as an assistant to British artist Bridget Riley over the past eight years, Ham has developed an intimate understanding of colour.

Ham paints geometric compositions that he imbues with perceptible movement of the picture plane through a masterful understanding of colour disruption. He also uses this vibrating colour technique on his sculptures of everyday domestic objects transforming them from their humble status into poetic and sensitive experiences.
His in-situ wall painting can be seen evolving on the gallery walls throughout the exhibition.

Opening  Friday 6 July at 6pm
Demonstration & Floor Talk by Hamilton Darroch Thursday 19th July at 12.30pm

Operation Art

26 July - 18 August 2012

Operation Art is a project that encourages students to create artworks for children in hospital. It is an important visual arts exhibition that focuses on creating a positive environment to aid the
healing and recovery process of young patients.

OPERATION ART is the premier state wide visual arts exhibition for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. It is a unique, contemporary children’s exhibition that attracts public support from the government, health and education sectors and the wider community. It has gained widespread recognition for its standards of excellence and the development of such rich diversity unparalleled in children’s art.

Operation Art accesses every school in NSW giving contact with every teacher, student and their parents. Operation Art is a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Training & The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in collaboration with NSW art galleries.


Opening 26 July at 6.30 (following Courage to Care Opening) By Cheryl O'Connor School Education Director for Goulbur nand the Highlands with performances from Bradfordville Public School Chior.












Courage to Care

26 July - 23 August 2012

Courage to Care is an anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and anti-racism travelling exhibition/ program aimed at promoting racial tolerance, harmony and understanding. Our message - that each person can make a difference - is contextualised in contemporary terms, to show that each of us can act when confronted by discrimination, racism, prejudice and bullying. The exhibition is based on stories of the brave people who put their lives - and their family’s lives - at risk to rescue Jews during the Holocaust, an extreme and unfortunately real example of discrimination. The exhibition also has a large educational component including tours and Holocaust Survivor’s talks.

To book school sessions please contact 02 48 234 442 or email artgallery@goulburn.nsw.gov.au  

Teachers Preview Thursday 26 July at 5pm- Free, bookings on 48 234 442

Opening Thursday 26 July at 6pm by Andrew Havas, OAM, Chairman, B'nai B'rith Courage to Care (NSW)




Walking at Weereewa - Practice Led Research in Progress

24 August - 15 September 2012

Walking at Weereewa Practice led research in process – Space 2

An exhibition of 2D and 3D works on paper by candidate for a Master of Philosophy at ANU, Lynne Flemons.
Mapping the ephemeral landscape of Weereewa/Lake George through traces and fragments, means walking on its surface and engaging with conversations about the land and land use practices.  Layers of meaning are brought to this place by different cultural practices and through geological changes that have created the present form of the lake.
The transformation of elements and fragments found on the lake bed are recorded in the process of looking from far to near, from looking to the horizon, to looking down; a spatial recording of my experience of walking at Weereewa.

Opening Saturday 25 September at 2pm by Elizabeth Charles
Floor Talk by Lynne Flemons Thursday 30th August at 12.30pm

Six Pack

24 August - 15 September 2012

Julie Bradley • Susan Buret • Margarita Georgiardis • Mike MacGregor
• Kerry McInnis • Bob Millis

Recent works by 6 prominent regional artists.
This group of artists, linked mostly by their proximity to Goulburn, has been given the freedom to present work with no restricting themes and only a deadline – the exhibition opening. This has created an exhibition where the inspiration for the works is particular to each artist and works in different media and different styles are displayed together. Often, an artist’s best work happens when he or she has complete liberty to express themselves.

Opening Saturday 25 September at 2pm by Elizabeth Charles followed by a Panel Discussion with the artists. All welcome.

Postcards From The Rim

20 September - 20 October 2012


Ben Bohane•Sean Davey•Stephen Dupont•David Hempenstall•Gary Lee
•Jon Lewis

Today millions of ordinary people are embracing photography through the proliferation of social connectivity in the form of Smartphones, Facebook; Instagram, Flickr and Twitpic. Photography, despite constantly evolving technology, continues to be adaptable, diverse, informative and challenging; holding up a mirror to contemporary life as it unfolds.
Postcards from the Rim brings together the works of six award-winning contemporary and cutting edge Australian photographers in a rare insiders’ view into our nearest neighbours. Showing alongside a stunning private collection of Papua New Guinean masks never been seen before.

Opening Saturday 22 September at 2pm

Download the catalogue here

Download the education kit here

Comin' Home Soon Goulburn Correctional Centre Project

25 October - 17 November 2012

Comin’ Home Soon
Exhibition and off–site project

GRAG is continuing its partnership project with the Goulburn Correctional Centre, funded by ArtsNSW Strategic Partnership funding. This year Alana Valentine, a multi-award-winning playwright, and Alison Murphy Oates, will be working with Aboriginal inmates and their children to write a stage play based on their stories and life experiences.The project will run throughout 2012, with an exhibition of the installation at GRAG in November 2012 and the stage play will be performed in Goulburn’s 150th birthday year at the Lieder Theatre, Goulburn in 2013.

Children's Activity throughout exhibition will be colouring in drawings done by inmates at the Kids Table

Exhibition opens 26 October 2012 at 6pm





Janet Dawson - a personal view

25 October - 17 November 2012

Passion and art are synonymous. Such is the case with collector Silvana Corsaro. Her love for the work of Janet Dawson has resulted in this fine collection emphasising the artist’s later works. Janet Dawson acquired historical importance in Australia in the 1960s pioneering the international style of colourfield painting.
As one of only three women painters in the seminal The Field exhibition 1968, her understanding of tonal qualities has not faltered. This collection of works over the last 10 years show her return to figuration, something that was always present in even her more abstract work. These works reflect her environment at Binalong where she lives with her husband, Michael Boddy. Her observation remains just as keen as she walks her dog Bonnie in the crisp early morning, the sun rising to reveal mists not yet dispersed.
Janet Dawson’s happy positing between abstract and figuration, light and tone present her as one of Australia’s major artists.

Janet Dawson is represented by Stella Downer Fine Art

Visions of Pleasure 6

3 - 7 November 2012


Exhibition of works created in weekly workshops at the Gallery by Essential Personnel and House With No Steps participants, guided by artists Angela Donges & Elaine Cornwell.

International Day of People with Disability Opening Monday 3 December at 2pm

Goulburn Art Award

22 November - 8 December 2012


An Annual GRAG event, this year featuring two categories:

Arthead Regional Art Award (120 km radius of Goulburn) - $3000 – co-sponsored by Arthead & Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Senior Students Art Award Y10 – 12 (120km radium of Goulburn) - $500 sponsored by Arthead


Arthead/GRAG sponsored Goulburn Art Award
Winner: Stephen Fearnley
Highly Commended: (no order) Nicola Dickson, A-F Fulgence, Robin Howard, Vanessa Kemp
Arthead sponsored Secondary School Art Award
Winner: Harry Halstead
Highly Commended: (no order) Jasper Fearnley, Cameron Davies, Bryony Williamson
People's Choice Winner :Peta Thurling Search (self-portrait)







Anne Judell, Jane Cush, Bob Millis with Stephen Fearnley's winning work






Australian Still Life - not just another bowl of flowers

12 December 2012 - 19 January 2013


With works drawn from the collections of GRAG, several other regional galleries and private owners, this exhibition looks back over some of Australia’s still life artists, as far as eighty years ago and right up to the present day. Still life studies have taught many students the art of observation; from very representational work through to abstract portrayals it is also very often the composition or an artist’s skill in arranging the objects in the work which make it beautiful.
With a range of artists including Grace Cossington Smith, Alison Rehfisch, Brian Dunlop, Pam Tippett and Angus McDonald, this exhibition shows the variety of techniques and styles used by Australian artists in this genre.

Opening Friday 14 December at 6pm

GRAG gratefully acknowledges loans from all lenders including: Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Orange Regional Gallery, Tweed River Art Gallery

To download the information activity sheet here

Come To Your Senses

12 December 2012 - 19 January 2013

Come to your Senses examines multi-sensory experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Most art depends on the sense of sight in order to understand and enjoy the aesthetic experience. It has been well documented that people learn in various ways, including kinaesthetic learning where touch is of utmost importance. Young children begin their learning journey through touch as they develop an understanding of the world around them. Why is art primarily a visual experience? How can art be made accessible to a wider audience? Often art practices involve the tactile but they are not accessible, we believe art can be “seen” in many ways and we would like to show our audiences how this can be explored.

Opening Friday 14 December at 6pm

Download the catalogue here


25 January - 28 February 2013





The Agapitos/Wilson Annual

A Maitland Regional Art Gallery Touring Exhibition.

Curated by Joseph Eisenberg and Kim Blunt, In[Two]Art presents new work by sixty of Australia’s leading artists (thirty artistic and life couples) drawn from across five Australian states and the ACT. Thirty pairs of artist couples have been selected for the exhibition, including Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro; Rick Amor and Meg Williams; Helen Eager and Christopher Hodges; John Turier and Nicola Hensel; and Deborah Paauwe and Mark Kimber and Alun Leach–Jones and Nola Jones.

Opening Thursday 24 January at 6pm by Kim Blunt Public Program Coordinator/ Deputy Director Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Floor Talk Thursday 7 February at 12.30pm by Susan and Peter O’Doherty

Download the education kit here










Mainstreet Manfred

2 - 14 March 2013

In June 1887 members of the Goulburn Municipal Council finally decided on a front elevation design for a Town Hall. Architect E.C. Manfred had provided nine sketches for consideration and Local builder William Wilkie won the contract at a cost of £3439/3/5. The foundation stone was laid in the presence of the Governor on 19th December 1887 and the Mayor, Mr Gannon, opened the Town Hall
on 8 January, 1889.

Edmund Cooper Manfred (1856 – 1941) was Goulburn’s finest architect, designing many of the city’s civic, commercial and residential buildings. This exhibition highlights the architecture of E.C. Manfred including the Town Hall and the Goulburn Club in and around Goulburn’s Auburn Street

Opening Saturday 2 March at 2pm by Maisy and Ian Stapleton

Floor Talk Saturday 9 March at 2pm by architect David Penalver


5 - 30 March 2013

a tribute to Goulburn’s sporting history
To coincide with Goulburn City’s 150th Birthday, GRAG presents a tribute to Goulburn’s Sporting History.
Goulburn has produced a wealth of sporting talent included Olympians Edgar (Dunc) Gray, Glenn Turner, Brooke Pratley, Michael Diamond, Errol Bill, Keith Leeson, Glen Jobson and other noted athletes including Simon Poidevin OAM, Trevor Bayliss, Brett Ogle, Neil Day, Todd Carney & Michelle Crawford.

This exhibition acknowledges Goulburn’s sporting elite who have represented at State level or equivalent.

Opening Thursday 7 March at 6pm by Cr Margaret O’Neill

Light Projection on St Saviour's Cathedral (off Site Event)

11 - 16 March 2013

To celebrate Goulburn City’s 150th birthday, the Cathedral opposite the gallery in Church St will be lit up each night for a week, in a myriad of colours. This public artwork is our gift to the City of Goulburn. Walk by and enjoy the illuminated details of Goulburn’s famous Blackett-designed Cathedral, by night or bring a picnic to the Common and bask in the soft glow of the lights!

This project was made possible by the creative expertise of lighting designer, Emrah Baki Ulas and UTS Master of Lighting Design Students.

Ode to Trees

15 - 30 March 2013

An exhibition of new works by the members of the Goulburn Region Woodworks Inc. Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has held regular exhibitions of work by the regional woodworkers for many years. This diverse and creative group of men and women showcase their talents in this bi-annual exhibition.

Opening Friday 15 March at 6pm Ashley J. Eriksmoen, Head of Furniture, ANU School of Art

Fair Trade - TAFE Teachers Exhibition

4 - 27 April 2013

Tony Ameneiro, Simon Bowley, Marianne Courtenay, Cecile Galiazzo, Bev Hogg, Kathy Orton, Kim Shannon, Britta Stenmanns and Andrew Townsend.

Gallery curated exhibition of works by TAFE Arts & Media staff based on printmaking collaborations between the extraordinary talents of regional painting, ceramic, sculpture and printmaking teachers.

Opening Thursday 4th April at 6pm


Download the catalogue here

Survivor Dadang Christianto

6 April - 25 May 2013







Survivor is a major performance by Brisbane-based Dadang Christanto, a significant contemporary Indonesian-Australian artist. Survivor continues a line of enquiry that Christanto developed in response to his father’s disappearance under the Suharto regime in the mid-1960’s. The work contemplates loss and history, politics and shared humanity.

Opening Performance Saturday 6 April at 2pm Opened Aaron Seeto Curator 'Survivor', Director of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Exhibition of photographs opens Wednesday 10 April

Indonesian dance performance and talk Thursday 11 April at 5.30pm

Download the education kit here  






Marrambang Meeting

2 - 25 May 2013

Marrambang Meeting
Perc Carter • Adam Hill• Peter Swain

Goulburn was traditionally a Meeting Place for surrounding Aboriginal peoples. In this spirit, Adam Hill from Sydney, Peter Swain from Canberra and Perc Carter from Goulburn come together in an exhibition of sculpture and 2D works including photography.

Originally trained as a graphic artist, Adam’s latest works are heading in a sculptural direction, partly inspired by his participation in GRAG’s 2011 project with Nura Warra Umer at Goulburn Correctional Centre. Peter Swain, an artist and musician works in both 2D and 3D media which includes making his own didgeridoos while Perc Carter’s photographs are portraits of members of our regional Indigenous

Opening Saturday 4 May at 2pm

Floor Talk: Adam Hill Thursday 2 May at 12.30

School workshops:  Peter Swain will be runing school workshops - for more information click here

Adam Hill will be running classes at GRAG for primary students. This project is supported by Arts NSW's Country Arts Support Program, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local RegionalArts Boards on belahlf of the NSW Government.

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is supported by the Centenary of Canberra, an initiative of the ACT Government with support from the Australian Government

Pam Tippett A Survey Exhibition

6 June - 6 July 2013

Originally from Lismore, Pam Tippett first studied science before commencing her formal studies in drawing and painting at Studio Simi in Florence. She is best known for her beautiful and painstakingly executed still life works.
A Goulburn local for around ten years, Pam exhibits at Australian Galleries. She won the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award in 2010 and she has been a finalist several times in the Archibald Prize and Portia Geach Memorial Award. This survey exhibition will feature new and recent still life works as well as older works in a variety of genres including portraiture.

Opening Saturday 8 June at 2pm by Stuart Purves, AM,Director, Australian Galleries

Floor Talk: 13 June 12.30pm

Masterclass 22 June 1-4pm more information here

Childrens room ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’ Focuses on Pam Tippett’s Still Life works, and will feature mirrors and still life installations. Children will be able to create their own still life scene in the gallery, make shadows, and draw reflections and Silhouettes to hang on the gallery wall.

Education Kit

for print ready version click here



A Goulburn Regional Art Gallery Touring Exhibition

Pam Tippett is represented by Australian Galleries




Archibald 2013

13 July - 25 August 2013


REGIONAL TOUR           
An Art Gallery of New South Wales exhibition toured by Museums & Galleries NSW


Since its inception in 1921, the Archibald Prize has continued to be one of Australia’s most prestigious art awards and never fails to draw interest, attention and debate. Awarded to the best portrait painting, the Archibald Prize is a who’s who of Australian culture – from politicians to celebrities, sporting heroes to artists. This year, 868 entries were received and judged by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Ultimately, Del Kathryn Barton was awarded as the winner, receiving $75,000 for her painting, hugo.

Special Opening Event: Saturday July 13 at 6pm

Join us for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and live music to celebrate the opening of the Archibald Prize 2013 at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. 

Cost: $55 per person, $50 Friends of the Gallery. Please contact 48 234 494 for bookings.

Exhibition Opens to the Public on Saturday 13 July 1-4pm.

Visiting the exhibition

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is open 10am - 5pm weekdays and 1-4pm Saturdays and Sundays during the Archibald Prize 2013.

Group Bookings

Schools: Please contact the gallery on 48 234 442 for bookings 

Groups:There will be regular guided tours given each weekday at 11am & 2pm throughout the Archibald Prize.  Group bookings are essential as places are limited- please contact the gallery on 48 234 494. 


Private after hours tours: the gallery will be offering private tours of the gallery after hours. Please contact the gallery on 48 234 494.





Divide and Context - GRAG 30th Birthday

31 August - 28 September 2013


DIVIDE & CONTEXT: GRAG 30th birthday exhibition
Celebrating the artists who have contributed to the gallery’s success
over the past 30 years, including many works from our Permanent Collection.
Curated by Jane Cush, Director & Jennifer Lamb, Former Director Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.
Amongst many award and prize finalists, we have in our region two Archibald Prize winners, countless Archibald, Wynne and Sulman finalists; internationally recognised painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers and installation artists so it has not been difficult to curate a 30th birthday exhibition that features many of these celebrated artists.

GRAG has developed more information on selected artists in this exhibition. This information can be acessed in the gallery with the use of an iPad and QR codes. So come into the gallery and use you iPhone or borrow an iPad from the gallery and find out more about the artists that are part of the 30th birthday exhibition.

To view the QR Codes page click here

OPENING: Saturday August 31 at 2pm by John McDonald

Workshop: Tracy Hopkirk Pearl jewellery workshop Saturday 21 September 1-4pm more information here



3 - 26 October 2013

Psychopomp showcases works by Wollongong artist Iain Whittaker, from the past 17 years. Whittaker's painting is replete with fantastic imagery and incongruous juxapositions.

Opening: Thursday 3 October 6pm by Angela D'Elia, Curator Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.


A Wollongong City Gallery Touring Exhibition.









Black Sheep Artists

3 - 26 October 2013

The Black sheep Artists bring a range of diverse artistic styles and genres to form a group with varied backgrounds and professions. Their commonality is their geography: Crookwell and Goulburn

Opening: Thursday 3 October 6pm by Angela D'Elia, Curator Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

Goulburn Art Award

1 - 16 November 2013

Annual GRAG event

- Regional Art Award (120 km radius of Goulburn) Prize is and exhbition at the gallery in 2014

- Senior students Art Award Yr 10-12 (120 km radius of Goulburn) $500 sponsored by Arthead.

Opening: Friday 1 November 6pm by 2013  by G.W Bot 2013 GRAG Art Award Judge

CLICK HERE for winners details and images


What Lies Beneath?

20 November - 11 December 2013

It is artists who interpret, articulate and often define our immediate landscape. A select group of artists will respond to the possibility of CSG mining in our region.

Exhibition Opening and  Symposium Event Saturday 23 November at 2pm with Guest Speaker Kirsty Ruddock, Director of Enforcement Group NSW at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.  Free event.

Image:  Lucinda McDonald, Is it safe.....?, 2013, Aluminium frame, coal, glue, liquid nails, resin, polystyrene, 180 x 45 cm


Download exhibition catalogue HERE

JADAGEN WARNKAN BARNDEN - Changing Climate in Gija Country

20 November - 11 December 2013

When he got hot now, really hot, we can't know whether he hot weather or cold weather or rain time.

Rusty Peters

This exhitiion comes from Warmun Arts Centre, courtesy of The Cross Art Projects, Sydney


Image:  Mabel Juli, Ngoomelji Doo Malngirriny (Cloud and Lightening, Wet Time), 2013, Natural ochre and pigments on Belgian linen, 60 x 80 cm

Visions of Pleasure 7

30 - 11 November 2013

Exhibition of works created in weekly workshops at the gallery by House With No Steps participants, guided by artist Angela Donges.

Opening: Tuesday 3 December - International Day of People with Disability - at 2pm by Angela Donges

Art As Life

14 December 2013 - 25 January 2014

Exhibition featuring works by five generations of an artistic regional family -the Bell/Hoskins

Opening: Saturday 14 December at 2pm by curator Gillian McCracken


This project is supported by Arts NSW’s Curatorial Support Initiative grant, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.





GRAG will be closed for Christmas from Monday 23 December re-opening Thursday 2 January 2014



Alex Seton - Roughing Out

14 December 2013 - 25 January 2014

Alex Seton grew up in the Southern Highlands, not far from the Wombeyan marble quarry. In this unexpected body of work, Seton showcases his deconstruction of notions of traditional ancient marble carving.




Image:  Alex Seton, The Alchemic Cycle, 2013, HD video, infinitely looped.  Image courtesy of the artist




GRAG will be closed for Christmas from Monday 23 December re-opening Thursday 2 January 2014



EFFLORESCENT - a Contemporary Take

31 January - 12 April 2014

Efflorescent is definitely not just about a vase of flowers.  A contemporary take on a floral exhibition, it looks at the many ways artists are moved to create works from their connection with flora, whether it is a literal representation, a borrowing of an organic form or the use of plant mateials as a medium.

Opening Friday 31 January @ 6pm by Angus Stewart, NSW Presenter for Gardening Australia, Horticulturist, Radio Presenter and Author.

Image:  Julian Meagher, Gin Act 1736 (detail), 2013, Oil on Linen, 127 x 182 cm.  Image courtesy Olsen Irwin Gallery


Public Programs:

Orchid Penjing Workshop  with Tony Lennon Saturday 1 February 1 - 4pm  CLICK HERE for workshop information

The Romantic in Garden Design with Michael Bligh from Michael Bligh and Associated Saturday 15 February @ 2pm.  CLICK HERE for further information

Florsitry Workshop with Director, Jane Cush Saturday 5 April 1.30 - 3.30pm.  CLICK HERE for further information


Click Here for Exhibition Education Kit



WEEREEWA: Alternate Histories

31 January - 8 March 2014

An Indigenous response to the Lake with artists Jennifer Kenmarre Martiniello and Lyndy Delian

A surround-style work recreating the Lake George escarpment and the Weereewa lake bed, using glass fish baskets, fish scoops, dilly bags, textile prints and ceremonial body painting fingerprints.


Opening Friday 31 January @ 6pm


Image Title:  Lyndy Delian, Axe Head Midden II (detail), 2013, Kiln formed layered glass tile with sand blasted float glass for frame, 26 x 19 x 2cm


13 March - 12 April 2014

Operation Art is a project that encourages students to create artworks for children in hospital.  Operation Art is the premier statewide visual arts exhibition of students from Kindergarten to Year 10.


Opening Thursday 13 March 6pm


Operation Art is an initiative of The Children's Hospital at Westmead in association with the NSW Department of Education and Communities, proudly sponsored by ANSTO


Image:  Phoebe, Mirabelle, Year 5 Balgowlah Heights Public School




17 April - 24 May 2014

Since 1951 the Blake Prize, and now the Blake Poetry Prize, has generated a conversation about what religion and spirituality looks like.  The Blake Prize is not restricted to works related to any faith or any artistic style.

Opening Thursday 17 April at 6pm  by Dr Rachael Kohn, Producer/Presenter, Radio National The Spirit of Things.

Floor Talk Tuesday 6 May at 1pm.  Grace Carroll PhD candidate will speak on stain-galss artist, Christian Waller.  Waller's husband Napier designed windows in the Soldiers Chapel in St Saviour's Catherdral, Goulburn

The Blake Prize Touring Exhibition is presented by the Blake Society and Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Image: Trevor Nickolls, Metamorphosis, (detail) 2011.Acrylic on linen, 91.5 x 91.5 cms.  Courtesy of the estate of Trevor Nickolls and Angelika Tyrone, AIARTS.  Winner 62nd Blake Prize




30 May - 19 July 2014

An exhibition theme namely, Livestock, that rural people address in their daily working lives.  So much more than a big sheep will focus on the relationship between man and animal, town and country, conservation and commerce and ask if they are always at odds?  This exhibiton will tease out issues that highlight the co-dependency of rural and urban dwellers.

Opening Saturday 31 May at 2pm by Angus Taylor, MP, Federal Member for Hume

Image:  Lucy Culliton, Lamb III,(detail) 2013.  Gouache on paper, 20 x 29 cm.  Lucy Culliton is represented by The Hughes Gallery

Image homepage latest news:  Angus McDonald, Bovine Dreaming (central panel) 2012.  Chalk, charcoal and pastel on acrylic washed paper.  150 x 200cm.  Photograph:  Jon Linkins.  Angus McDonald is represented by Olsen Irwin

LYNLEY DODD: A Retrospective

6 June - 19 July 2014







6 June - 19 July 2014

A Tauranga Art Gallery, New Zealand, travelling exhibition.


Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary  to Goulburn Regional Art Gallery!


For the delight of our audience, young and old, the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is proud to present Lynley Dodd: A Retrospective.  This exhibition showcases a collection of 59 original drawings from Lynley Dodd's popular children's books, including the Hairy Maclary series, the Schnitzel Von Krumm series, Slinky Malinki, and Scarface Claw.  A celebration of Dame Lynley's work to date, this exhibition also includes drawings from her first work dating back to school days, through to the most recent publications, Shoo and Early Bird.

Dame Lynley is a universally popular artist, over five million copies of Hairy Maclary alone have been printed, sold and translated into several languages.  This little dog is an international character, but it is creator, Lynley Dodd, is the magic behind these stories and this exhibition.

A touring exhibition from Tauranga Art Gallery in New Zealand, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is one of only a few Australian venues for this remarkable exhibition of original drawings.

GALA OPENING: Family Fun Day Saturday 7 June from 11am with special guests Dame Lynley Dodd and Tauranga Gallery Director, Penelope Jackson. 

Caroline Chisholm Courtyard:  Children's craft activities, dog look-alike contest judged by Dame Lynley, refreshments.

From 1pm  Q & A and book signing with the author herself in the Gallery!  All welcome to this free event.





24 July - 23 August 2014

ARTEXPRESS is an exhibition of outstanding works by 2013 Higher School Certificate Visual Arts students from school in NSW.  Presented by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW in association with Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

OPENING Thursday 24 July @ 5pm

ARTEXPRESS is a joint project of the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW and the Deparment of Education and Communities managed by The Arts Unit.

Image:  Emma Jane Dunn, Bowral High School, Withstanding Time(detail) 2013, Printmaking






28 August - 11 October 2014

Who dosen't cook or hang out in the kitchen?  With cooking shows and competitions flooding our TV screens, we all fancy ourselves as culinary experts.  So we decided to find a group of artists who work with the Kitchen theme: pots, pans, utensils, white goods, wrapping, eating, just drawing, painting or sculpting associated kitchen things and bring you this eclectic mix of media?  From the delightful and surprising to plain old weird, you will find it in Kitchenalia.

Opening Thursday 28 August @ 6pm by Chef, writer and TV Presenter Geoff Jansz

Image:  Birte Larsen, Tea for One (detail), 2012.  Plastic bags, canvas, felt, metal wire and resin, 150 x 200 x 90cm

CLICK HERE for Kitchenalia exhibition catalogue

CLICK HERE for Kitchenalia education kit


Homepage image:  Jacqueline Bradley, Spilt Milk (stripes), 2009, Jug, plaster, mat board, epoxy, resin, fabric and rickrack, 42 x 39 x 25cm.  Photograph by Brenton McGeachie


28 August - 11 October 2014

Exhibition of new work by 2013 Goulburn Art Award Winner S.A. Adair

Opening Thursday 28 August @ 6pm


Image:  S.A Adair, No conclusions, detail, (work in progress), 2013, felt, dimensions variable.


16 October - 1 November 2014

The much anticipated biennial gallery event for regional artists living within 120km radius of Goulburn.






2014 GOULBURN ART AWARD- Nicola Milson

2nd Prize - Peta Thurling

3rd Prize - Gwenna Green

Highly Commended - Elaine Cornwell

Highly Commended - Fran Ifould

Highly Commended - Simon Wilde

2014 TOPSHOT SECONDARY SCHOOL AWARD - Emily Ryan, Trinity CAtholic College

Encouragement Award - Lucinda McDonald



Goulburn Regional Art Award 2014

Open Prize is an exhibition at the Gallery in 2014.

2nd Prize $600

3rd Prize $400

Secondary School Art Award for Yr 10 -12 students .  Prize $500.

Goulburn Art Award is sponsored by Top Shot Photographics & Prints

CLICK HERE for eligibility map


CLICK HERE for 2014 Goulburn Art Award finalists

Opening and announcement of winners Thursday 16 October @ 6pm

Image:  Celeste Couche & Helen Draper, Pom Pom Victa,2013.  Mixed media - pom-poms and Victa mower.  Winner 2013 People's Choice Goulburn Art Award

Homepage image:  Nicola Milson, Out of time, Photograph. Winner 2014 Goulburn Art Award







6 November - 6 December 2014

The Parliament of New South Wales Aboriginal Art Prize is an annual acquisitive awarded to an Aboriginal visual artist over the age of 18, born in New South Wales or belonging to a New South Wales language group.  The exhibition showcases the extraordinary achievements of the artists, reflecting contemporary practice as well as traditional forms of storytelling.  The prize celebrates and recognises the high standard of art produced by Aboriginal artists within NSW.

Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize 2014 is a Campbelltown Arts Centre travelling exhibition

Image:  Nicole Foreshew, It comes without seeking 1 (detail), 2014, 151 x 112 cm digital print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper.  Courtesy the artist.  Winner Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize 2014.


CLICK HERE for Exhibition Education Kit







12 December 2014 - 31 January 2015

Remember playing Chinese Whispers?  What happens when you send a whisper around a group of Chinese artists and ask them to create an artwork according to what they think they heard?  An exhibition of newly created artworks which could take a turn in any direction.

Artists Include:  Kevin Chin, John Deng, Fan Dangwang, Li Cui, Tracy Luff, Kaye Mahoney, Pamela Mei Leng See, Guan Wei, Jason Wing, Huihai Xie, Louise Zhang, Tianli Zu

Opening Saturday 13 December @ 2pm by Claudia Chan Shaw, Designer, Author, Presenter.  Author of Collectomania: From objects of desire to magnificent obsession

Image:  Tinali Zu, Masks (detail), 2014, Digital image, non-toxic particulate masks, installation 200 x 200 x 6cm

Gallery will be closed from midday Wednesday 24 December 2104 and re-open on Monday 5 January 2015

JANET DAWSON with Merrick Fry - Their Everyday

6 February - 7 March 2015

On one level, the works of Janet Dawson and Merrick Fry couldn't be more different; one friend lives in the country, the other in the city but on another, they are both dealing with the found materials of their Everyday and finding renewed beauty in what others might dismiss.  Janet exquisitely draws out the beauty of a dead hare, a beetroot or a scattering of apples.  Merrick's domestic-scale sculptures are constructed from the disowned or vintage glass and plastic ware discarded by our consumer-driven society.

Image:  Janet Dawson, Hare on blue, 2009, pastel, 50 x 70cm.  goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY Permanent Collection.  Donated by Artist.  Janet Dawson is represented by Stella Downer Fine Art

Opening Saturday 7 February @ 2pm


6 February - 7 March 2015

One of the oldest traditions of instrument making is that of the Luthier.  The violin in particular, today exists in the same body shape as it did in the C16th.  This intimate studio-style exhibition looks into the workings of the Luthier's studio - from tools and templates to the final product which in its form and function, straddles two strands of the arts:  music and visual arts.

Image:  Scraping spruce front for new violin.  Photo Andrew Sikorsky Art Atelier

Opening Saturday 7 February @ 2pm

A SALUTE: Aussie soldier from 1915 meets Young Turk in 2015

12 March - 1 May 2015

To commemorate the World War 1 Centenary, goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY will be home to a 7 week-long exhibition - A SALUTE:  Aussie soldier from 1915 meets Young Turk in 2015 that acknowledges and honours the Goulburn region's World War I efforts both here and abroad.  Families of those who sacrificed their time and some their lives, will be able to see their loved ones names up on our honour roll, alongside memorabilia and objects loaned by regional families.  Gallipoli drawings from well know Australian artists Idris Murphy, Luke Sciberras, Elisabeth Cummings, Euan Macleod,  Leo Robba, Amanda Penrose Hart, John Walsh, Stanley Palmer, Michael Shepherd, Steve Lopes, Deidre Bean, Jonathan Throsby, Susan O'Doherty, Peter O'Doherty and Michael Nock.

Regional School students have been invited to respond to letters written by soldiers to their loved ones at home on postcards.  These will be displayed at the gallery during the exhibition.

Lighting Artist, Emrah Baki Ulas and his team will light the Rocky Hill War Memorial the week before and after ANZAC Day.

Talk by artist Euan Macleod 1.30pm  Monday 16 March CLICK HERE information flyer

En plein air Workshop with Leo Robba 10am - 4pm Friday 10 April CLICK HERE for information flyer and materials list

Exclusive Bus Trip to the Australian War Memorial Canberra Thursday 2 April CLICK HERE for information flyer

A SALUTE exhibition Education Kit - CLICK HERE

SHARE YOUR WW1 stories with us:




To commemorate the World War 1 Centenary, goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY would like you to share your stories with us by sharing your stories or photos on our Facebook page.

CLICK HERE for detailed information on our Share your WW1 stories project


Image:  Cecil Leeson in Egypt 2015.  Image courtesy of the Rocky Hill War Memorial Museum Collection

Front page image:  Michael Shephers, Simpson's Burden, 2014 acrylic polymer, NZ and Gallipoli clay and sand on Hahnemule paper, 28 x 37.5 cm.  Image Courtesy the artist.  Michael Shepherd is represented by Artsight.





A SALUTE:  Aussie Soldier from1915 meets Young Turk in 2015 is supported by the NSW Government  though ARTSNSW





7 May - 19 June 2015

A fascinating exhibition of sculpture and installations using taxidermy, skeletons and plant material to discuss  a broad range of conservation issues including climate change, pollution, stewardship, hunting and animal-human relations.

Opening floor talk with the Artist, Rod McRae, Sturday 9 May @ 2pm

Image:  Rod McRae, Are you my mother? 2010 art print

THE DAYLIGHT MOON - Rosalie Gascoigne

26 June - 22 August 2015


How can I show you the land I walk?

You, who stands on pavements,

Have never seen the wide place I know


Between Goulburn and Canberra lies the spectacular landscape at Lake George where the colour of the land shifts and flickers under a big dramatic sky.  Full of drama and air this landscape was of particular visual and symbolic interest to Canberra bases artist Rosalie Gascoigne.

Lake George looms large in the artist inner imaginings and her formal sensibility was partly honed through driving through the landscape on the search for materials - "Driving in the country was drawing for her...."

Lake George was a place she often came back to as subject and it appears with regularity throughout her oeuvre from the early Feathered Fence and Pale Landscape through to later panel works where the imagery and components are stripped down to geometric, worn fields of tonal grays, whites and silver as if lit by the "daylight moon", mentioned by poet David Campbell and like the landscape too, her work has a spare intense sincerity.

The Daylight Moon is to be exhibited at goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY and will focus exclusively on the body of work made in response to Lake George and surrounds, highlighting the artists close links to this space; its agricultural history and the elements of deep time, weather and geography that shape both the land and the artist sensibility.

Opening Saturday 27 June @ 2pm by Glenn Barkley

Image:  Piece to Walk Around, 1981, saffron thistle sticks.  Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program by the Gascoigne Family, 201.  Image courtesy the museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the estate of the artist.  Copyright Rosalie Gascoigne.  Licensed by Viscopy 2015.


26 June - 22 August 2015

In acknowledgement of NAIDOC week, this exhibition curated by Shari Lett, a mentee in the Aboriginal Emerging Leadership Program will showcase works by Contemporary Aboriginal artists both previously and currently incarcerated in New South Wales Correctional Facilities.

Opening Saturday 27 June @ 2pm

Image:  Dave Nolan, Goulburn Wings, 2012, Milk cartons and adhesive


23 July - 17 September 2015


On Loan from the National Gallery of Australia

On Display goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY Children's Room

Image:  Elkington & Co, The 1888 Melbourne Cup 1887, maker's mark of Frederick Elkington.  Silver, electroplated metal.  Engraved:  "Won by DS Wallace's BC Mentor, ridden by Michael O'Brien, trained by WS Hickenbotham'.  National Gallery of Australia, Canberra


28 August - 26 September 2015

Why is a Baker's Dozen 13?  So you'll always have your fair share and that's what you'll be served with this exhibition of works by 13 artists from the Goulburn, Canberra and Southern Highlands regions.  Each artist will present a body of work showcasing their preferred medium.

Judy Benjamin, Betty Bray, Barry Canhan, Elizabeth Charles, Peter De Lorenzo, James King, John Lascelles, Judy Mylonas, Kirstie Rae, Mark Sadler, Nick Stranks, Catherine Ward and Elizabeth Young

Opening Saturday 29 August @ 2pm by Natalia Bradshaw, Art Advisor

Image:  Peter De Lorenzo, Polychrome in Blood Orange and Yellow, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 123 x 138 cm

Homepage image:  James King, Fat Nation, 2015, Oil on canvas, 152 x 120 cm.  James King is represented by Becker Minty


28 August - 26 September 2015

Nicola Milson's photograph Out of Time was chosen by the judge, Danie Mellor, to recieve last year's award.  At the age of 18 and while in her final year at school, her "beauty and the beast" subject was inspired by a poem by Kenneth Slessor.  This exhibition will reveal a new body of photographic works by Nicola.

Opening Saturday 29 August @ 2pm by Natalia Bradshaw, Art Advisor

Image:  Out of time, 2014, Photograph, 65 x 58cm.  Winner 2014 Goulburn Art AWard


2 October - 21 November 2015

In mid 2010 Neil Balnaves AO made the extremely generous pledge to donate a million dollar's worth of paintings from his personal art collection to the Mosman Art Gallery and municipality.  This was realised in 2012 through a donation of 16 Australian impressionist and early twentieth century artworks significant to the Mosman area.  The Balnaves Gift includes key works by several of Australia's most distinguished artists:  Arthur Streeton, Conrad Martens, Will Ashton, Henry Fullwood, Elioth Gruner, George Halstead, James Ranalph Jackson, Matthew Charles Meere, Adelaide Elizabeth Perry, Sydney Long, Ethel Carrick Fox and Margaret Preston.  These works are being loaned to Goulburn and will be exhibited with complementary works from the goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY Collection.


Image Ethel Carrick Fox (1872-1952) On Balmoral Beach, Sydney, 1913, Oil on canvas on board, 26 x 34cm.  Courtesy Mosman Art Gallery, The Balnaves Gift.


2 October - 21 November 2015


Deadpan is an exhibition that features five Australian artists brought together by their use of humour in contemporary practice.  Pranks, stunts, one-liners, these artists' use comedic strategies to articulate the human condition and the figure of the artist.  The exhibition includes two major residency projects created in Goulburn by Heath Franco and Z.O'Mahoney (both NSW) and also includes new work by artists Mitch Cairns (NSW) and Nat Thomas (Vic) and two sculptural works by Ronnie can Hout (Vic)

Opening Saturday 10 October @ 2pm

CLICK HERE for exhibition catalogue

Image:  Ronnie van Hout, Timing that Flawed, 2009, painted resin (3 pieces), 100 x 37 x 46cm.  Courtesy of the artist and STATION Gallery

This project is supported by Arts NSW's Curatorial Support Initiative grant, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government












27 November - 24 December 2015

An exhibition of works particularly for children but also suitable for adults in need of a little nostalgia in the lead up to Christmas.  From original book illustrations to colourful sculptures and hand-made wooden toys by local Goulburn Woodworkers, there's something to delight everybody in the toybox.

Hamilton Darroch, Troy Emery, Gordon Fitchett, Anna Glynn, Freya Jobbins, Andrew Lavery, Anne MacDonald, Alasdair Macintyre, Kendal Murray, Susan O'Doherty, Anna-Maria Sviatko, Hiromi Tango, Mike Worrall, Goulburn Regional Woodworkers Inc & more from the gallery collection.

Image:  Gordon Fitchett, The Little Princess, 2009, colour pencil on Arches paper, 73 x 91 cm.  Gordon Ftichett is represented by Maunsell Wickes Gallery

Homepage imae:   Anne McDonald, Cherish (kitty doll), Fine art inkjet print, Ed of 5. Courtesy of the artist and Artereal


27 November - 24 December 2015

Works from goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY'S Permanent Collection including recent and unseen acquisitons and works on loan to the gallery from private collectors.  A varied mix of paintings and sculptures from well-known artists including Ben Quilty, Reg Mombassa and McLean Edwards.

Image:  McLean Edwards, Oasis, Oil on canvas, 2008, 153 x 122cm.  goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY's permanent collection.


27 November - 24 December 2015

Annual exhibition celebrating the International Day of People with a Disability.

Opening Afternoon Tea Thursday 3 December at 1pm

Image:  Spring, mixed media on Arches paper, 2015.  Clients of house with No Steps.

GIVING VOICE: The Art of Dissent

8 January - 20 February 2016

GIVING VOICE:  The Art of Dissent presents artists' opinions on pressing social and political issues facing the world today.  This powerful exhibition sheds light on a global state of distress, from major economic crisis, raging wars, pollution and climate change through to religious prejudice and racism.  Audiences are moved to consider the complexities of issues that can often be portrayed in simplistic terms.  Artists featured in this exhibition which is curated by, Dr Yvonne Rees-Pagh, include Cigdem Aydemir, James Barker, Richard Bell, Paul Hoffie, Locust Jones, Megan Keating, Michael Reed and Khaled Subsabi.

Image:  Cigdem Aydemir, Bombshell, 2013 Single channel video with sound 11 min 3 sec

Giving Voice: The Art of Dissent is a Salamanca Arts Centre exhibition toured by Contemporary Art Tasmania.

Contemporary Art Tasmania is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its principle arts funding body, by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy and is assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Salamanca Art Centre is supported by the Hobart City Council and the Tasmanian State Government.

This exhibition is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its principal arts funding body, through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts and Contemporary Art Tasmania Exhibition Development Fund.                            



26 February - 2 April 2016

Following on from our previous blockbuster Hot Rod Exhibitions, to coincide with the biennial Goulburn Hot Rod Shakedown over the Easter long week, this six week long exhibition will show a large variety of car and hot rod related artworks as well as real hot rods in  the Gallery courtyard.

The exhibition will include works by Patricia Piccinini, Kendal Murray who specialises in miniature sculptures and Paul White, a Melbourne artist who draws cars, trucks, trains and more to poster art and the art of local airbrushing specialists including Tony Marks.

Image:  Kendal Murray, Parking Lot, Beauty Spot, Passing Shot, 2015, Mixed media assemblage, 8 x 7.5 x 7.5cm


CLICK HERE for exhibition catalogue

CLICK HERE for exhibiton education kit


26 February - 2 April 2016

To say these photographs were without meaning individually would be untrue.  It is their collusion however that has given them greater significance.  It was late in 2015, sometime after the fact, that I understood their connection and have been able to identify the world within a world that I constructed around myself and this world still exists.  This works was executed during a period when my life was fragmented at best.  It was a time when the present had been consumed by the past.  These photographs are a document of my place in the greater world both physically and emotionally during that time.

Image:  David Ryrie, Untitled (DR2011.SBN01.06.02), 2011, 90 x 90 cm. Pigment ink on Archival Art Paper (Edition of 6 plus 2 AP's)  DAvid Ryrie is represented by Gallery Ecosse.


8 April - 21 May 2016

Permanent Collections from the New England Regional Art Museum are presented alongside fashion from the International Woolmark Prize archive, with a focus on theme of Production, Romance, Pattern, Texture, Drape and Artistry.

Image:  Liu Fang China, International Woolmark Prize, 2013.




26 May - 2 July 2016

Back to Burra Bee Dee is a photographic portrayal of the history and development of a 'parcel of land' that was bequeathed to the Aboriginal people living in and around the township of Coonabarabran in western New South Wales.  One of these people and an early advocate for Aboriginal rights was Mary Jane Cain, the great, great grandmother of the artist, Warwick Keen.  Warwick is a Kamilaroi artist and TAFE teacher based in the Shoalhaven area.

Image:  Warwick Keen, Tresspassers (detail), 2014, Digital Print on Art Rag, 73 x 110cm


26 May - 2 July 2016

Operation Art is the premier statewide visual arts exhibition for students from Kindergarten to Year 10.  It is a unique contemporary children's exhibition which encourages students to create artworks for children in hospital.  Operation Art focuses on creating a positive environment to aid the healing and recovery process of young patients.

Image:  Thomas Bunston, aged 7, New Growth, Michelago Public School








7 - 23 July 2016

The much anticipated biennial Gallery event for regional artists living within 120km radius of Goulburn.

JUDGE:  Susi Muddiman, OAM, Director of Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre

Open Prize is an exhibition at the Gallery in 2017 and $400 towards exhibition costs

2nd prize $600, 3rd Prize $400 - sponsored by  Topshot Photographics and Prints

Secondary School Art Award

Winner $500 - sponsored by Topshot Photographics and Prints

People's Choice Award

Winner $300

Image:  Nicola Milson, Out of Time, 2012, Photograph, Goulburn Art Award 2014 Winner

Image homepage:  Peta Thurling, Walkers diptych (detail), 2014, Oil stick, encaustic wax and paper on plywood.  Winner Goulburn Art Award People's Choice 2014


2016 Prize Winners

2016 Goulburn Art Award - Claire Primrose

2nd - Tony Hooke

3rd - Gabrielle Soulsby

Highly commended - Michelle Doherty

Highly commended -  Annette Au-Jen Liu

Highl commended -  Kim Shannon

Highly commeded - Dimity Kidston

2016 Topshop Secondary School Art Prize - Lorenna Caron

Highly commended:  Kyle McCormack

2016 People's Choice Award

Winner Anita Parker


30 July - 10 September 2016

This exhibition of photographs by Mark Tedeschi represents his profile and award winning photographic practice over the last twenty five years.  His images are enigmatic, humorous, and deep with subtle meaning and the exhibition covers his many series which range from insightful portraits of prominent Australian artists; his compassionate view of the Aboriginal urban communities of Redfern in the 1980's, domestic interiors and everyday scenes from the streets of Italy, China and New York and Australian outback characters.  Most intriguing are the images that capitalise on his unique position as both artist and Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales, in which he reveals a rare insight into the cloistered world of the justice system and the personalities who work within it.

A Maitland Regional Art Gallery Touring Exhibition

Image:  Mark Tedeschi, Golden Goose, 2006, archival inkjet print, 37.5 x 56cm (detail)


30 July - 10 September 2016

Dale Cox's exhibition Usurper continues the artist's exploration into environmental and anthropological themes; investigating man's impact on the ancient ecology of Australia and the fragility of our unique landscape.

Usurper  presents a dynamic series of paintings meticulously rendered in acrylics and gold enamel.

Image: Dale Cox, Usurper - pastoral, 2014, acrylic and gold enamel on board, 90 x 120cm.

Dale Cox is represented by Australian Galleries.


16 September - 22 October 2016

Speaking Colours is an exhibition which highligths the numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups in two main ways: by presenting works by artists from different language or clan groups; and through works which refer to the artist's indigenous language including those with an indigenous language title and those which incorporate text or symbols.  Language is a significantly important part of any person's culture.  All languages contain idioms which can be linked back to the traditions of the people who have developed them and which don't translate or translate directly into another language.  Many Aboriginal  languages have been lost but there is recognition of the need to preserve and learn those which remain and art, as another means of communication, can also represent and emphasise the message.

Image:  Reko Rennie, NO SLEEP TILL DREAMTIME #18, 2015, Mixed media on board, 70 x 70cm, with permission from the artist.  Reko Rennie is represented by blackartprojects.




16 September - 22 October 2016

goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY will exhibit its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection alongside the Speaking Colours exhibition.  The Gallery has a variety of works including prints, ceramics, glass and woven works.  Artists include Danie Mellor, Treahna Hamm, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Lyndy Delian, Selina Brian, Eubena Nampitjin and Nongirrnga Marawili.

Image:  Jennifer Kemarre Martinello, Long Multistrand Loop Weave Dillibag #1,2013, hot blown glass, 8 x 45 x 22cm, with permission from the artist.  goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY Collection


28 October - 3 December 2016

Different Cloth/Common Threads presents works completed over the past couple of years by David Jensz and Wendy Teakel.  It explores the differences and common groups within their established and unique approaches to sculpture.  Both repurpose materials.  Jensz often looks towards modular materials and is known for how he shapes and manipulates unexpected ready-mades, exploring the interconnected nature of energy, matter and life.  Teakel seeks to utilise the history of her found materials and focuses on assemblage as her process, questioning relationships between natural and cultural spaces with particular reference to rural and landscape settings.

Image:  Wendy Teakel, Grove, 2014, wood, steel, cable ties, 350 x 350 x 280cm.   Photo:  David Paterson

GOULBURN BOYS' HOME - Michelle Doherty

28 October - 3 December 2016

Michelle Doherty is a photographic artist who reflects on the concept of identity and place in her practice.  While living in Goulburn, she was drawn to the ecclesiastical giant laid bare on the top of a hill.  Shadows, the light that played off broken glass and a sense of prescience compelled her to look for the traces of home that remain in a place left behind so long ago.  Each time she visited the foundling orphanage, it presented itself differently - showing off its grand staircase proudly in the morning sun and in contract the primitive laundry and boiler room a reminder of six decades worth of winters illuminated through the tiny shards of light, surrounded by a profound sense of belonging among sturdy blue spruce trees.

Where vandalism competed for pride of place, she was compelled to look past the deterioration and attempted to visually restore grace to the E.C Manfred-designed architecture through a series of images before the fire and since.  The viewer is invited to look past the destruction and find the subtle sense of composure that remains in the Goulburn Boys' Home.

Image:  Michelle Doherty, Untitled 2, 2015, digital photograph


18 November - 17 December 2016

Annual exhibition celebrating the International Day of People with a Disability.

Image:  Spring, 2015 group collaboration


9 December 2016 - 28 January 2017

A touring exhibiton from the State Library of New South Wales.

Australia's premier rock photographer, Tony Mott, has captured all aspects of the rock'n'roll lifestyle through his camera lens.  An untrained photographer, he got his break with a photograph of Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of Divinyls.  Mott went on to have over 30,000 photographs published in 20 countries and his images have appeared on 400 posters and the covers of 500 CD's and more than 900 magazines.  Mott was the photographer bands asked for and his portfolio features everyone from the Rolling Stones to members of the local independent band scene.  From candid portraits to awe-inspiring live shots, Mott has a unique ability to connect with his subject.

Image:  Tony Mott, Chrissy Amphlett, Divinyls live 1983

Front page image:  Tony Mott, Cold Chisel, 2001

Xmas closure 12.00 noon Friday 23 December 2016 re-open 9am Tuesday 3 January 2017


3 February - 18 March 2017

Based on the classis award-winning picture book, written and illustrated by Alison Lester, this exhibition features Lester's original illustrations along with preliminary work for the making of the book, including ideas and sketches, her children's travel journals and family photographs taken on their journal around Australia.

Image:  copyright Alison Lester, 2004, from Are we there yet? by Alison Lester: published by Penguin Viking Australia.


3 February - 18 March 2017

How does your garden grow? goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY put this question to a group of artists and the garden is sprouting with imagination.  From seeds to roots, stems and leaves, flowers and fruit, birds and bees, all things flourishing in the garden have been given inspiration to a beautiful and thought provoking exhibition of artworks in glass, ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, jewellery, video, textiles and more.

Artists include:  Judith Bradhurst, Kevin Chin, Anna Culliton, Nicola Dickson, Dimity Kidston, Emilie Patteson, Joan Ross, Barbara Ryman, Erica Seccombe, Bic Tieu, Emma van Leest, Paul White, Kayo Yokoyama, Carolyn Young.

Image:  Joan Ross, We curtsy to the land, Video still from Colonial Grab, 2015, Video animation, 7 mins 32 sec, animation by Josh Raymond.  Courtesy of the artist and Michael Reid Sydney and Berlin


31 March - 20 May 2017


Three Ways showcases the recent work of three artists whose aesthetic explorations are concerned with the Australian landscape in which they live and work.  The Three Ways of the title refers not only to the aesthetic and conceptual approaches of the artists but also to the various means to choose to visualise their imaginative creations:  Bot is a printmaker, painter and sculptor: Buchanan is a painter, printmaker and drawer and McIntyre is a ceramicist.

Image:  GW Bot, Fragile Glyph, 2016. Oil on canvas, 80 x 132cm GW Bot is represented by Beaver Galleries






1 April - 20 May 2017


Ros Auld (ceramics) and Claire Primrose (painting) are both concerned with expressing an authentic connection with their natural world.  Auld's works aims to express both the strength and fragility of nature using materials from the earth, with an interplay between monumental forms and delicate surfaces.  Primrose's work is inspired and informed by many different locations within the Australian landscape with an interest in recreating the surfaces, textures and colours evocative of a particular place.

This exhibition of individual and collaborative works brings together two artists who share a similar sense of expressive gestural qualities in their work.

Image:  Ros Auld, 2013, raku clay, various slips and glazes, 48 x 67 x 25cm


28 May - 8 July 2017


The Curtain Breathed Deeply is an expansive new commission by Sydney based artist Justene Williams.  The exhibition will transform the entirety of goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY into an intentionally chaotic, immersive and interrelated sequence of installations.  Her largest and most ambitious undertaking to date, The Curtain Breathed Deeply will seduce visitors into and through a series of hypnotic sets and video installations abounding in cacophony and sensory overload.

Image: Justene Williams, The Curtain Breathed Deeply, installation view Artspace, Sydney 2014. Photo Zan Wmberley




14 July - 2 September 2017


ARTEXPRESS is a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Education Standards Authority with goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY

ARTEXPRESS 2017 brings  the next generation of artist superstars to Goulburn.  The exhibition will present  over thirty of the very best of the HSC Visual Arts candidates working across a broad variety of artforms including painting, ceramics, photography and textiles.

The works in this year's show indicate not only the extraordinary technical skill and ability but a maturity well beyond what is expected of a 17 year old in handling challenging and sometimes confronting concepts.  These young artists will present us with some colossal social, political and environmental issues and offer a generous and courageous insight into their own experiences.  The exceptional standard of the work in ARTEXPRESS is testament to the high quality of teaching within the visual arts in High Schools across the state.

Goulburn's ARTEXPRESS exhibition has been carefully curated by Gallery staff to include young artists from the region. The works have been chosen to reflect the statistics from the candidature across NSW representing students from most regions in the state from both Government and Private schools.  If ARTEXPRESS is indicative of the burgeoning visual arts sector in NSW, the future for the arts looks bright!

Image:  Catherine Zhang, Tea Party, Northern BEaches Secondary College Manly Campus, Painting









8 September - 7 October 2017

VAST is Robyn Mayo's visual record of her travels through central Australia between 1996 and 2013 when she visited Arnhem Land, the Gulf Country, the central desert areas of Rainbow Valley, Chambers Pillar, The Painted Desert, The Simpson Desert, Lake Eyre and the Flinders Rangers. The resulting works consist both of landscapes and of intimate flora and fauna studies made at each campsite.

Originally from the Southern Tablelands and now Tasmanian-based, Mayo's renderings of plants are impressionistic rather than literal and she does not regard herself as a true botanical artist.  She chooses to work plein air in order to feel the changing moods of landscapes and observe how plants, animals, insects and birds react throughout the day.

Image:  Robyn Mayo, Victoria River Landscape (detail), watercolour & ink drawing, 85 x 226cm. Image courtesy of Scott Cunningham


13 October - 11 November 2017

This exhibition will reveal sculptures that represent a liminal space between a sense of place and one of being lost.  Scott Chaseling will present art works relating to Heterotopia (a place between Utopia and Dystopia).

Through the use of glass and mirrors, this exhibition will demonstrate that it is possible to establish a liminal space that consists only of a state of becomingness.  Liminality, in this application, is characterised by the unsuspecting, abstraction and innocence.

The sculptures and wall works reveal a point of transition, either through materials that are in a liminal process or by exploiting the viewer's visual perception.  This temporal shift of reading, along with a change in material expectations, will allow the viewer to participate with the sculpture via the introduction of their own interpretation/s.

Image:  Scott Chaseling, Wish you were here, (detail) glass, plastic, cement, print on paper, 200 x 100 x 150cm


13 October - 11 November 2017

Twenty years ago I lived in Gundaroo: a small village north of Canberra.  I spend many hours with some of the older residents of the village.  I would visit regularly with my camera recording both them and their homes. Homes that were old and lived in.  Homes that told stories of families, history, place and country Australia.  Matt Crowe, the local publican was born in this house more than 80 years before.

Time appeared to stand still in the rooms, although now these rooms no longer exist.  The inhabitants have died and with time the rooms have been modernised and renovated.

This exhibition of images of place recall a time in Australia's recent past.

Image:  Cathy Laudenbach, Beat Crowe's Room 7, Photographic print from negative, 2006, 75 x 110cm


17 November - 13 December 2017

An exhibition of contemporary prints responding to artists from previous generations who have had connections with the Southern Tablelands region between Sydney and Canberra.

The 25 printmakers each chose a different artist as the starting point from their work.  Choices ranged from the possum skin cloaks crafted by the original aboriginal inhabitants of the area, to colonial artists such as Joseph Lycett, to some of the greats of Australian art - Lloyd Rees, Arthur Boyd, Fred Williams and Brett Whiteley, as well as photographers such as Frank Hurley, ceramic artist Gwen Hanson-Piggot, sculptors Tom Bass and Bert Flugelman and assemblage artist Rosalie Gascoigne.

The resulting prints brought together in this exhibition are as wide-ranging and diverse as the work of the artists who inspired them.

Image:  Lucia Parrella, After the Fall (detail), relief and drypoint, 40 x 66cm

Home page image:  Betty Bray, As Above So Below,  linocut, 30 x 30cm


17 November - 13 December 2017

Claire Primrose's work finds inspiration in the direct linking of immediate locations with her techniques of making a painting/drawing; transporting a real environment into the making of an artistic space evocative of its original and her own identities.

Image:  Claire Primrose, Sooner or Later Series 1, 2016, graphite and acrylic on board, 12 x 40cm.  Image courtesy of David Paterson Dorian Photography


17 November - 13 December 2017

Annual exhibition celebrating International Day of People with a Disability. Offical opening Friday 1 December at 1.30pm


21 December 2017 - 24 February 2018

A retrospective exhibition celebrating the life work of Yidumduma Bill Harney.  At over 80 years of age, Harney is one of the last fully initiated elders of the Wardaman people. He is a charismatic storyteller and artist and the only remaining living custodian of the collective memory, laws and history of his people.  Harney's knowledge has been described by anthropologists as 'encyclopedic in nature' and his artwork is one way that he shares this intimate understanding with the world.  The exhibition is curated by Margie West who says 'His contemporary painting is a fascinating look into topics as diverse as traditional law, astronomy, sorcery and ancestral narrative.'  The exhibition is toured by the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Cultural Centre at the community of Katherine, Northern Territory.

Image:  Bill Harney, Lilminingan Story - Grasshopper Ma, 2007, Wood, bark, ochres, grass and feathers, 120 x 142cm.  Courtesy of Stephen Rosenman and Rosa Soladino.  Image courtesy of Jayne Nankivell.


2 March - 14 April 2018

Chris Bond, Ricky Emmerton, Tara Marynowsky, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Nicola Smith

Sauced Material brings together a group of artists who extend the narrative or form of existing media.  Their works have been shaped, moulded and crafted from film, music, personal histories and literature but with flavour anew and enhanced.  This adaptive approach orients audiences to and from a new point of orbit in reference to the work.  Memory is at play - but so is the politics of origin and ownership.

Within the breadth of time that has passed between the first and the now, a clear history has been created.  These artists reveal that distance in their own remaking.  Their approaches differ but the commentaries and techniques are crystallised and ready for service.

Image:  Chris Bond, I am Wes Thorne (NASJONALGALLERIET), 2017, graphite on paper, found book, 18 x 13cm, 2 pieces

MONTAGES: THE FULL CUT, 1999-2015 Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hillberg

2 March - 14 April 2018

Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015 presents the full suite of eight montage films by artist Tracey Moffatt and her long-time collaborator Gary Hillberg.  Exhibited all together for the first time, these works span 16 years of their collaborative practice, from the first montage work created in 1999 to the latest in 2015.

Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015 is an ode to cinema and to the cinematic form, offering unprecedented insight into the stereotypes that populate our collective cultural imagination.  Mining an extensive colelction of iconic Hollywood films, telemovies and arthouse cinema, Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015 invents new fictions and plays with narrative and character conventions to create highly charged compositions on polemic themes such as love, art, revolution and destruction.

Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015 was curated and developed by Artspace, Sydney and is touring nationally in partnership with Museums & Galleries of NSW


Image:  Tracey Moffatt & Gary Hillberg, Love (Still), 2003, 21 minutes, looped video, sound.  Courtesy of the artist, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York 






20 - 28 April 2018

The 2018 Goulburn Art Award opens for entries on 23 January - 15 March and is available to artists within a 120kms radius of Goulburn working across any medium.  The Award incorporates a Young Artist Award for those in years 10, 11 and 12 and will be judged by David Broker, Director at Canberra Contemporary Art Space.  The winner will be announced on opening night, Friday 20 April and receive an exhibition in 2019 as well as $1000 cash.

Mark Kelly - Winner 2018 Goulburn Art Award 

Birte Larsen - Highly Commended 2018 Goulburn Art Award

Cooper Pearce - Winner 2018 Young Artist Award

Travis Williams & Stavros Papantaniou - Joint Winners People's Choice Award



11 May - 23 June 2018

Arlo Mountford's practice brings large scale interactive installations paired with sound, video and animation to the gallery.  His work assaults our individual and collective memories of all things art history through the lens of the contemporary.  Amusing, strange and laden with references, his films engage the darker side of our political and social histories through the construct of the art institution and the seminal works held within.  This survey exhibition brings together several video works stitching together a lesson in time, place and art history and shows a gradual distillation and culmination of his ideas to date.

Mountford completed a major commission for the National Gallery of Victoria in 2013 and at the Australian War Memorial in 2012.  Many of the works shown at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery will be exhibited in NSW for the first time.

A Goulburn Regional Art Gallery exhibition toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW

Image: Arlo Mountford The Triumph, 2010 video still single channel video installation, 16:9 HD, stereo Duration 9:11 min. Image courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery Melbourne




29 June - 19 August 2018

Awarded to the best painting of a notable Australian, the Archibald Prize is a who's who of Australian culture, from politicians to celebrities and from sporting heroes to artists.  Prestigious and controversial, the Archibald Prize is Australia's foremost portraiture prize.

The Archibald Prize awards $100,000 prize money for the winning artist.  In its 96th year, the Archibald Prize has been held annually since 1921.  An open competition, the Archibald Prize is judged by the trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  Entries to the Archibald Prize must be painted in the past year from at least one live sitting.

Finalists are exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales before embarking on a year-long regional tour.  In the early years, all entries were hung.

Opening night tickets will be released closer to the exhibition.

An Art Gallery of New South Wales touring exhibition.  Presenting Partner ANZ

Image:  Archibald Prize 2017 finalist, Robert Malherbe, Self-portrait,(detail) oil on linen, 94.5 x 94.5cm.  Copyright the Artist.  Photo:  Mim Stirling, AGNSW

Admission to exhibition $5, children under 12 free

The 2017 Archibald Prize exhibition will be open Monday to Friday 9 - 5 and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm - 4pm






Carolyn Young - Inhabiting the Woodlands

31 August - 13 October 2018

Building on Young's award winning 'Grassy Woodlands' series this exhibition re-imagines 19th century human experience in light of Australian mammals that have become vulnerable or extinct. Young explores the question of who inhabits the woodlands across time through still life photographs of mammals, plants, insects and artefacts. Inspired by the work of ecologists Young set out to find intact grassy woodlands, the wildflowers within, and evidence of animal inhabitation.  Her findings are shown in large still-life colour photographs and a series of cyanotypes. 

In early, 2018, during her Creative Arts Fellowship at the National Library of Australia, she sought to learn more about the mammals that once so abundantly inhabited the woodlands of Eastern Australia.  Her key reference was the exquisitely illustrated book, 'The Mammals of Australia', published in 1863 by naturalist John Gould.  Upon arrival to Australia Goulburn found himself,"...to be surrounded by objects as strange as if I had been transported to another planet". The text and illustrations contained within this book provided the starting point for her studies of woodland mammals using the 19th century photography cyanotype process. Inhabiting the Woodlands is Young's first solo exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery and will present a new body of work.

Image: Carolyn Young, Wamboin 30 August 2015, (detail) 2015, 93.5 x 109cm, archival inkjet print

Opening Friday 31 October at 6pm




ACO Virtual

31 August - 13 October 2018

ACO Virtual is a world-first interactive installation that places visitors in the middle of a virtual orchestra to experience, conduct, isolate and play along.

ACO Virtual will transform the Gallery and features large scale footage of orchestral performances with the sound of each musician coming from their own individual projection.  Audiences will be surrounded with a touch-screen 'music stand' allowing them to spotlight sounds and visuals, highlighting musicians, or a section of players.  The score streams below each projection, and s smartphone application provides information about the music, musicians and instruments.  With music by Grieg, Bach, Smalley and Piazzolla, visitors will experience music from across the ages with one of the world's greatest chamber orchestras.

Image: Installation view, image courtesy of Jack Saltmiras

Opening Friday 31 August at 6pm








Coarse Stories

19 October - 1 December 2018


Ian Abdullah, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Nick Collerson, Joe Frost, Prue Hazelgrove, Phil James, Kate Mitchell, Ray Monde, Esther Stewart, Darren Sylvester.

'Coarse Stories' is an engagement with ten artists whose work moved through spaces, gathering the experience of their physical, ideological, interior and exterior facets over time.  These artists share an awareness of the space they themselves inhabit and too, the space they re-posit in their work.  Each is a negotiation of human existence today and explored within the process of a practice (making) and without doubt, living (being).  Not one of these artists is limited by their medium, be it canvas, costume, performance or installation rather their work defies finitude through the complex matrix that makes them individual and unique.  Like the fierce wind that strikes the streets of Goulburn each Spring, 'Coarse Stories' has swept up many moments from different places, inside n out, kicked each along to gather momentum and settled them down here together.  We invite your act of watching, feeling and remembering as an ongoing continuum in the life of each work in 'Coarse Stories'

Image:  Esther Stewart, The conditions have been made right for something to happen, 1977 - 2017, installation.  Image courtesy of the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery.  Photography by Christian Capurro


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