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Since its beginnings in 1981, the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has commissioned 23 public art works in and around Goulburn.  The aim of the Public Art Program is to develop and sustain Goulburn as a city that is culturally rich, distinctive and exemplary within the region.


- encourage the practice and appreciation of innovative, interpretive and exciting public art works
- explore, discover and interpret the community’s and City’s identity through a diverse range of public art works
- promote and respect the cultural and natural heritage of the City in public art projects
- create opportunities for employment, promotion and development of Goulburn regional artists
- ensure that artists are paid according to industry standards for their art work
- encourage opportunities for artists to collaborate with architects, urban planners and designers, businesses and industries in public and private capital works and  development
- foster the aim of art becoming an integral component of future planning, within both the public and private realm
- ensure that copyright and intellectual property rights are respected in all public art projects
- ensure that public art works are maintained and conserved
- ensure that the requirements of public and work-place safety are respected and adhered to in the making, installation and on-going presence of public art works
- ensure that appropriate funding is available for public art projects
- ensure that the arts are recognised as an essential and vital component of the life of the City and its community
- enable all members of the community to live and work in a creative environment
- promote civic pride through community consultation and participation in the creative process of an evolving and expanding public art program
- recognise that artists are the originators of relevant and valid art projects
- encourage awareness and appreciation of the arts generally and public art specifically through informative and interpretive educational  programs
- promote the City as a vital, vibrant and thriving place in which to live, work and relax
- review these objectives annually to ensure it reflects these objectives and community expectations

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We pay homage to Goulburn's wool industry in this lighting exhibition in the 24 external windows of the Gallery and the Library facing Church Street.  The installation was created by Emrah Baki Ulas from 24 charcoal drawings in our Permanent Collection by Jenny Bell.






Tree Spirits, 2015, by artist Jason Wing now forms the centrepiece of the Goulburn Mulwaree Council upgrade to charming Russell Lane in the city laneway off Auburn Street.  By day, this quaint laneway is animated by 3 perspex figures suspended from heavy duty wire cable, transforming this pedestrian lane.  By night the Tree Spirit figures come alive, illuminating the lane with an otherwordly glow of light, inviting visitors to explore this new addition to the laneway en route to and from the Lilac Cinema.

Tree Spirits consists of two main components: a wall mural and 3 suspended illuminated "spirit" figures.

The half-human, half-spirit figures in Russell Lane represent our past, present and future ancestors.  The figures are inspired by Aboriginal and Chinese heritage but do not preclude other cultures.

The colourful 'spirit' mural pattern was painted on one of the laneway wall surfaces by Goulburn youth in workshops with Jason in January 2015.

This new artwork confirms Council's commitment to involving artists in shaping the Goulburn CBD landscape.  We really believe that public art can enliven a public place and encourage people to connect with these spaces.  We hope that the new works bring a element of surprise, pleasure and enjoyment to both residents and visitors to Goulburn.  We also hope that these artworks will encourage local business to trade in the Laneway.

The Artist  Jason Wing is a Sydney-based artist who began as a street artist who has since expanded his practice to incorporate photo media, installation and painting.  His dual heritage, being both Chinese and Aboriginal is increasingly addressed within his work.  Influenced by his bi-cultural upbringing, Wing explores the ongoing challenges that impact the wider community.








Guide to Public Art in Goulburn

Public Art

21 September 2010






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